YouTube is changing its distraction feature!

YouTube has replaced the red progress bar in the video player with gray for Android users.

In October 2022, Google started work on a radical design change in YouTube’s web and mobile applications. According to 9to5Google news, YouTube has developed a new video player design for Android users.

YouTube tests new video player design for Android

The company, which came up with a new video player at the beginning of 2022, offered some innovations to Android users. YouTube, which makes changes to the like / dislike buttons at the bottom of the screen, allows users to take the comments to the sidebar.

The new feature, offered to Android owners with the test method called A / B, has been activated for a limited number of users. The company has changed the color of the progress bar to gray when users who have dark theme enabled are watching videos.

The 9to5Google team announced that YouTube will offer its new feature to more users as of December 30. It is worth noting that the new progress bar can also be used with incognito mode.

The red progress bar continues to be used on the homepage and everywhere else, so it’s clear that the change is aimed at the viewing experience. Red, which is the highlight color of YouTube, will only change on the video watching screen.

No changes have been made to the progress bar in the video player for people using a light theme. It is not yet known when the new feature will be available to iOS users.

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