Wondering if your relationship is healthy? Here are the signs that show you are healthy

Smaller or bigger problems arise in every relationship sooner or later. This is completely normal and is by no means a cause for concern. Still sometimes you wonder if your relationship is right? Here are 3 characteristics to recognize a good relationship.

Maintaining a relationship is not always easy, after all, different people with different needs meet in a partnership. A full sex life, laughing together, or right communication should be certain cornerstones for any relationship to work, but what are they?

Couple therapist and modern school of love Its founder, Eric Hegmann, explained in an article on this subject:

What are the requirements for an ongoing relationship?

Eric Hegmann: Take care of each other, do not underestimate the other, show him that he is a priority. Every relationship is the need for connection and fusion, security and commitment on the one hand, and freedom on the other. Those who unite their lives must be able to endure this indecision and negotiate with each other. If this is successful, the relationship is like a safe haven where both can explore the world.

What are 2 characteristics of a good relationship?

1-Partners are also best friends

Friendship is often neglected. It is said that more relationships break down from a lack of friendship than from a lack of love. Long-term couples affirm that it is the faithful friendship that has gotten them through tough times. Partners should also be able to say something to someone once in a while. I love you but right now I think you are stupid. Because on the one hand, people need social relationships and the security of connections, on the other hand, they need space to develop, explore and learn.

2-maintain the connection

The desire for connection and security in a relationship is top notch. The slightest uncertainty can quickly escalate conflicts. On the other hand, conflicts can be resolved very easily if the connection is experienced as secure. On closer inspection, couples rarely break up because of a major conflict. Much more often, a growing distance develops over time as partners overlook the many small connection requests in daily life. Relationships are built and nurtured not with grand gestures, but with daily attention.

What are the signs that something is wrong in the relationship?

Many couples work in vain on each other in conflicts as they try to convince each other of their point of view. It is almost always about equal but also opposing needs. Every relationship conflict is about emotional connection, not factual level. It’s never about socks, it’s about what he’ll do to me if I have to clean up after you? r.

How do I know if my partner is not good for me?

Most people notice this. If you’re unhappy and depressed more often than you are happy in your relationship and yet aren’t willing to change the situation, you may be emotionally dependent or staying for existential reasons. I recommend external support here. Life is too short for unhappy relationships.