With the partnership of Xiaomi and BMW, the car key will no longer be needed!

The digital car key application developed by Xiaomi and BMW starts to be used in the second quarter of the year.

apple After announcing the car key feature in 2020, news began to emerge recently that this feature will be expanded. On the other hand, the company Androidrivals on the front car keyactivated for its applications.

Xiaomi digital car key app launches soon

OppoAnd in vivo recently announced its own car key applications. Now it’s your turn Xiaomi came to Chinese manufacturer for car key application BMWannounced that they started working with

held in Barcelona at the MWC event Introducing the Xiaomi 13 series, the company also shared the first details about the car key feature. Xiaomi during the event digital car keystarting from the second quarter of this year, BMWstated that they will make their models available.

used by smartphones digital switches Apart from opening and closing the doors of cars, it can also be used to operate some models. This application stands out as a very useful way to entrust your vehicle to a person.

newly developed digital switches Thanks to this, you do not have to give the physical key of the vehicle. Since the digital keys can be shared with the desired person, there is no need for people to meet. In this way, users car key They don’t even have to carry it. On the other hand, problems such as the loss of vehicle keys are also eliminated.