Why wearing lacy underwear is harmful, experts warn!

Experts warn! Lacy underwear creates serious health problems. Here’s why!

Why is it harmful to wear lacy underwear? Experts warn that wearing lace underwear can cause serious health problems. So why is it harmful to wear lace underwear? We learned the curious things from Dermatologist Ekrem Civaş.

It causes allergies

Allergy to ready-made clothing, especially underwear, is quite common. The reaction begins with skin contact. Generally, hypersensitivity and subsequent chronic skin changes are the observed results. Research shows that 100 percent cotton products are more compatible with our body than wool, nylon or other fabricated tissues.

May cause ingrown hair

In addition to the raw material, the dye of the laundry, soap residues after washing, the elastic material used in the laundry, textiles contaminated with oils, greases, pesticides or tar, when combined with body temperature and tight clothing, cause allergies and ingrown hairs. Hair regrowth occurs as a result of the development of ingrown hairs due to friction, especially in the bikini area.