Why Is It So Hard to See the Shadows of Airplanes in the Air?

It is almost impossible to see the shadow that a bird or plane leaves while flying in the sky. Because they are too far off the ground to form a distinct and observable shadow. But of course, the whole story does not end there.

Have you ever noticed in your daily life that the light gets its color from the environment it passes through? Or have you observed how the shadow size changes as you move closer and further away from the light source? When you think about it, it is below most of the things we see, observe and interact with almost every day around us. your scienceWe realize that he is sleeping.

Another phenomenon like these that attracts people’s attention is that planes do not cast shadows when they are very high. The same is true for birds. Alright What is the reason?

Scientifically, the main reason for this is; shadow formation, the source of the light and the position of the shadow on the earth.

For example, during sunrise and sunset, shadow sizecan be seen in a longer way, since the Sun comes at a right angle at noon shadow sizemay appear shorter.

Why can’t we see the shadows of birds and planes? It’s all about the position of the shadow on the earth. When a shadow is cast, the shadow falls on the earth in relation to the position of the object.

So, with the object earth there is a distance between them and this distance has a significant effect on the size and clarity of the shadow. However, because birds and planes fly through the air, shadow It does not fall directly to the ground. Instead of, shadow, aeroplane or depending on the angle between the bird and the Sun, and it never reaches the place where it should fall. Because, of the birdsand shadows of planes cannot be seen as clearly as shadows of objects on the ground.

In some cases, sunlightat the right angle and at a low enough altitude, shadows of planesIt can be seen instantly in places close to the airport.

This situation usually occurs when the sun’s rays are almost to the ground. falling at a horizontal angleand occurs when the positions of planes allow shadows to appear.

For example, when an airplane is landing or taking off at an airport, when the sun’s rays come from behind the airplane and fall at a near-ground angle, shadow of the plane briefly visible on or around the airport runway. Likewise, shadows of airplanes can appear momentarily on the walls or floors of tall buildings or other tall structures. But this is totally momentaryis a situation.

In conclusionConsidering the factors affecting the formation of the shadow, your shadowIt can be said that its position on earth is the main reason.

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