Why do women want chocolate during menstruation? If you apply them, your sweet craving will pass.

Why do women want chocolate during their period? We have compiled suggestions for you to reduce the chocolate desire of women during their menstrual period.

If your endless binge eating during your period ends with a few pounds and you’re gaining weight during this monthly period, you have to learn to curb your appetite. Stating that the digestive system is affected before menstruation, experts add that edema and constipation are experienced during this period and the feeling of weight gain is felt. Menstrual period, which is in a depressive mood, pushes to eat due to mood.

By consuming foods that will increase your blood sugar, you will get rid of the chocolate and sweet crisis. Dietitians state that in such cases, two or three pieces of chocolate can be consumed. It is possible to meet your sugar needs by consuming fruit. Since the sugar content of dried fruits is higher than normal, it will better suppress your hunger for sugar.

Judith Wurtman, author of the book ‘The Serotonin Power Diet’, points out that the decrease in serotonin causes the desire to eat, which reaches its peak during the menstrual period. The fastest way to make the brain produce new serotonin is by consuming foods rich in carbohydrates.


Cottage cheese
Forest fruits or dried fruits (strawberry, mulberry, blackberry)
Vitamin supplement


spinach salad
Skimmed milk


Fat free popcorn
Two pieces of dark chocolate


Whole grain pasta with tomato sauce