Who Really Are the Men in CS 1.6’s Menu?

When we were little, when we clicked on the icon of CS 1.6 on the computer, we would always see the photo of those two iconic people from the special team. Of course, you can’t play this game for so long and not wonder about it.

The Counter-Strike series has built a kingdom for itself in the FPS community with Global Offensive for the last 10 years. Now it looks like he will hand over the throne to CS2. But the reason CS is in its current position is because, as you can all guess, it takes the FPS gaming culture around the world to another level. 1.6 version of Counter-Strike.

It has a special place in the hearts of the players, especially in Turkey. CS 1.6, which corresponds to the childhood of many of us, the youth of some of us and the adulthood of some of us. playing in the internet cafe many games still can’t give the pleasure it gives. Before your eyes on that white tube monitor two special team operatorsHas the accompanying CS 1.6 menu arrived?

Who really are these guys on the main menu of Counter-Strike 1.6? Drawn characters or photographs of real people?

When the first version of the game was released in 1999, this image was not available, it was in the main menu. image of a terrorist taking a scientist hostage existed. Later in 2003 Counter-Strike version 1.6With the release of the game, Minh Le, the developer of the game, wanted to change this image.

Instead of getting help from a graphic designer or photography studio for this task, he worked at Valve. preferred to get help from two developer friends . Yes, the two guys in the image on the main menu of CS 1.6 are actually the developers of the game. Friends of Minh Le and Jess Cliffe.

One of the men in the image is Dave Riller in the front and John Guthrie in the back.

These two people are friends of Minh Le, one of the lead developers of CS, as we said, but that’s not all. These two friends, who are big fans of Counter-Strike, are not only fans but also They also worked on the episode design of the game.

‘Who are these guys?’ The question was asked to Minh Le himself on Twitter about 5 months ago. He candidly answered this question, which has been the subject of curiosity among players for years:

“-If that’s okay, I have a question regarding the CS 1.0-1.6 menu screen. Are the characters in the photo real or were they drawn? If they’re real, do you remember who they are?

+Oh yes, they were real people. They were employees of Valve. They were big fans and episode designers of CS. They are very good kids. John Guthrie and Dave Riller.

In the continuation of the Q&A, Minh Le is asked whether the special team crests on the arms of the people in the image belong to the special forces of real countries:

The answer to this question is “No, they don’t belong to a real time”. These arm crests were created by a concept artist working at Valve. it’s a fake logo, that is, it does not reflect a real anti-terrorist force.

Another question posed to Minh Le: Why is the music that used to be on the menu of CS 1.6 no longer available today?

This question and answer actually provides us with a very nice tour of nostalgia. Those who played CS 1.6 will remember when it came out, while seeing these two friends in the main menu at the same time and we heard music . That music is above. But now it doesn’t play any music when you install it (This music is currently playing in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes).

When he was asked this question, he did not remember at first, but then he remembered what happened when the music was thrown and listened. Minh Le, it answers:

“This music was made by an employee outside of Valve because it was developed by other studios like CS: Condition Zero Gearbox and Turtle Rock.”

Probably the reason we can’t hear this music in CS 1.6 right now With the story of the failure of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is connected. If you want, we can also tell the tragic story of CS:CZ, don’t forget to mention it in the comments.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these two developers, Dave Riller and John Guthrie, have a great share in the success of CS from the past to the present. themselves, the players know They have become one of the most familiar faces.It’s really nice to make gestures like this to the developers.