When a woman gives up Rapunzel’s hair

Does all the sadness grow from Rapunzel’s hair, cut it off…

I did not know why and how we women live our lives depending on men.

We didn’t know…

What do we say behind them, what to talk about in girls’ conversations… Ashes are not left in the barbecue… However, when those ashes are thrown away, they still touch our eyes, tears flow away. How its embers burn our hearts.

Rapunzel’s palms

We feel our hearts falling into our hands, almost witnessing it with our eyes. Rapunzel, when we toss our hair and go in front of the mirror, we realize that our form is starting to become foreign to us.

We sit in the hairdresser’s chair with our burning hearts in our hands, blood sweat and tears in our eyes. We say dig! Dig, end everything. Let all thoughts be thrown away together with the roots of the hair. No matter how much grief and sorrow has accumulated in our souls, let it mingle with our hair, to other stories.

Modern touches of scissors

While these thoughts are swirling in our minds by adding to the others, first an incredulous man. Scissors in hand, he grins under his mustache. It is as if there is pride in his eyes, being a man and the money he will soon earn from this sadness. The woman is in pursuit of the tears that will perish with her hair and scorched her insides. Apart from this, there is no other problem that will burn to ashes in the world.

On the one hand, he can’t resist the woman. It highlights the beauty of women with modern touches, with skillful hands.

But still, that beautiful Rapunzel hair is cut, what happens eventually. The woman leaves the hairdresser’s chair with her short hair on the back of her neck and her tears with her bloody heart and runs away from the scene.

Thinking that he left all his troubles, love, old ones there…

A little bit happier, but with no regrets, still in life…


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