What to talk about on the first date?

Firsts are always exciting. It is special and just as important. The topics you will talk about in the first talk determine your perspective on life.

It is very important to leave a positive impact on the other party on the first date. It shouldn’t be boring. Otherwise, it becomes possible to see the phone in your hand and on the other side, on the first date. And that meeting ends, never to happen again. The content of the topics you choose in your first meeting, the fluency of the conversation, the selected topics and the quality of the questions you ask provide insights about you.

  1. You went to the meeting and after a small greeting, you can ask what he did during the day. This question will make it easier for you to get an idea about it.
  2. Asking questions about getting to know each other is a must for the first date. Let me put it as a footnote, do you have a house? Do you have a car? Don’t ask questions like
  3. You never have to agree with the person in front of you. However, you should listen to their thoughts without criticism, regardless of their opinions. When you act in this way, the other person feels that you are listening to them and trusts them and wants to share more with you. You need to do this not only when you first meet someone, but also in your normal life.
  4. Asking what he likes to do and his hobby is very important to get to know the person in front of you.
  5. Asking about your future plans should be at the top of the topics to be discussed in order to get to know the person in front of you. Because if you want to share your life with the person in front of you, it is important that your values ​​match and your expectations from life are in the same direction.
  6. The one who tries to talk about those issues as soon as you realize you have things in common. Talking about the topics you both love will make both of you happy and you won’t get bored.

How can you advance the conversation on a first date?

  1. First of all, it is important to listen to the person in front of you. While he is talking, it is necessary not to interrupt him suddenly, but to let him finish. Remember, a person who thinks he is being listened to feels valuable and does not want to leave the person he feels valuable.
  2. Avoid talking long enough to distract the other person, take care to draw him into the subject with questions, and proceed in the form of questions and answers. The important thing is not to talk too much, but to speak in harmony.