What to do in a fight

Although it is called ‘the spice of marriage’, fighting is a painful and unbearable situation for many people. Especially if these fights have become an everyday occurrence…

Fighting has become a routine event in many marriages today. Because among individuals ‘power struggle’And ‘who is right’arguments reduce the quality of marriage and cause new fights.

During these fights, individuals can break each other and even cause physical harm to each other. In our country, where femicides and domestic violence take the lives of 5 women every day, it is vital to know what to do in the event of a fight.

leave the environment

First, let go of who is right when the argument turns into a fight, or who is stronger and not crushing himself. The important thing is that they will be able to improve at that moment and from then on.

If possible, during a fight “We are angry and angry right now, we will talk about this later with a calm mind” Say it and leave the environment. Because if you can’t control your anger and anger, undesirable results may occur.

Don’t mind the provocations

The other party may say a lot of things that turn you on, slam the past in your face, or display childish and stubborn actions. Not responding to these provocations will benefit you and your relationship.

Because you do not wear out your nerves and because you have exhibited a mature attitude, the other party will soon realize their mistake and apologize. It should not be understood from what we have said that we advise you not to defend yourself. Of course you will defend yourself, but like a smart woman, when the time and place comes.

Discuss the matter calmly

After the quarrel has dissipated, open the topic at a suitable time and in a suitable language (of course, you know the right way to address your spouse) and solve the problem in a short time in a conversational mood, with the advantage of not getting angry during the fight and behaving maturely.

We are sure that your problem-solving attitude will be appreciated by your spouse (or lover) and he or she will follow this problem-solving method that you have established over time.


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