What to do for vaginal darkening Do not be surprised by cotton underwear!

Vaginal darkening, which is the problem of most women, can be caused by sweating caused by choosing the wrong underwear!

Did you know that the underwear you wear can cause the darkening of the vagina, which is the fearful dream of every woman? Wearing underwear made of non-breathable synthetic materials such as nylon causes sweating and causes darkening of the vagina. So what can be done to prevent the darkening of the vagina? Here are the simple steps to prevent darkening of the vagina…

Causes of waxing, razor use and excessive sweating

There are many factors that cause vaginal darkening. These; waxing, razor use, wrong hair removal tools, excessive sweating is caused by things. Sometimes, darkening in the vagina can be congenital. Especially people with dark skin usually have a dark bikini area.

Hormones cause darkening during pregnancy

Darkening in the vagina area can also be caused by hormonal changes. This change is especially noticeable during pregnancy. During this period, excessive secretion of estrogen hormone causes darkening in both the vagina and the armpit area.

Choose cotton underwear

If you do not want to face the darkening that occurs as a result of sweating in the vagina, you should pay attention to the selection of underwear. Instead of choosing sweaty clothes, choose healthy, non-sweating cotton underwear.

What are the vaginal whitening methods?

There are some methods to whiten the vagina. One of them is vaginal whitening with laser. This process takes 25 minutes in total. An anesthetic cream is applied to the vaginal area to avoid pain or ache. If you want to stay away from medical methods, you can also try natural ways.

Orange method

Crush the peels of the oranges and mix them with some yogurt. Apply at regular intervals to the darkened area of ​​the bikini area (vagina).


Squeeze the juice of the lemon and the juice of the salad. Mix the two waters together. Then apply the mixture to this area and leave it for 15 minutes.

Vagina whitening with lemon juice

Mix some curd cheese with lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your bikini area (vagina). Repeat at regular intervals until the color lightens.