What is vaginismus, what are its symptoms and what causes women to experience psychological problems!

We have searched for you, who are curious about the vaginismus disease, which is seen in one of every 10 women and seriously threatens marriages.

We learned from Urology Specialist Op.Dr.Murat Mermerkaya about vaginismus, which some women have never heard of and some women have nightmares about. So what is vaginismus? What are the symptoms? Will it go away on its own? What happens if it is not treated? Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions in our content.

What is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is defined as the inability to have intercourse due to the fear of the first night. It is seen in one out of every 10 women and seriously threatens their marriage. This problem can be solved up to one hundred percent with sexual therapy and women can get rid of this problem.

Vaginismus symptoms;

Vaginismus symptoms can be different for everyone. However, among the symptoms of vaginismus, there is a general problem of not being able to have sexual intercourse or having difficulty in intercourse.


– Fear of sexual intercourse with his partner and never trying to unite
– Involuntary contraction, fear and extreme panic when the moment of intercourse comes when there is no problem in foreplay
– Painful and difficult sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)
– After the first one or more difficult sexual intercourse, the rest does not come back, unable to have intercourse, refusal to have intercourse
– Unable to open legs during intercourse, rejecting partner by pushing with hands, feet or sliding hips
– Half-life of sexual intercourse (only a part of the penis can enter the vagina)
– Inability to place pads or tampons inside the vagina
– Inability to look at or touch the genital area
– Not allowing the spouse to touch the genital area, not being naked next to the spouse, being ashamed
– Inability to insert therapeutic suppository (ovula) type drugs into the vagina
There may also be symptoms such as

Does vaginismus go away on its own?

Studies show that the rate of improvement in vaginismus by waiting is only around 20 percent. With sexual therapy, these rates are over 90 percent.

What happens if vaginismus is not treated?

Vaginismus creates a serious pressure on women over time. This causes the woman to experience psychological problems. In addition, men also lose their patience over time, and if this problem is not resolved, they increase the pressure on women or they may engage in behaviors that threaten the institution of marriage.