What is the secret of a happy marriage?

We have compiled the secret of a happy marriage for you.

Married life becomes monotonous when it returns to routine over time. When you say life hustle and business life, you may not be able to spend time with each other, and this will start to make you unhappy as time passes. But there are also happy marriages that remain as dynamic as the first day in the turmoil of life, look what are the secrets of those marriages?

  1. “Accept your partner as they are and don’t try to change them…”
  2. “What is my share in every distress? focus on the question and try to change the behaviors that you find faulty in yourself, that is, take responsibility instead of blaming…”
  3. “Choose to be happy instead of being right…”
  4. “Love and accept your partner unconditionally. Don’t expect a response for change, change yourself with patience and faith, without saying “I changed this, you change that”. Because people have little power to change their partners, but too much power to change themselves…”

Spouses should support each other and share something. For example;

  • You can share to share household chores. For example, you can get dust while he is vacuuming. After all, life is common
  • You can go for a walk together. This will be good for both of you.
  • For example, prepare the next day’s meal together.
  • Sleep hugging each other, even if your bedtimes are different.
  • Leave notes to make each other happy in some corners of the house.
  • If you have a child, put them to sleep alternately.
  • Never go to sleep without a good night kiss. (opposite)
  • Go out and have a romantic dinner together.
  • Have pillow chats when you wake up in the morning.