What is the date palm diet, how is it done? Things to consider in the date diet

Date diet, it is possible to lose an average of 5-7 kilos in seven days with the date diet. With this diet, you can both get rid of the fat from your belly and lose weight. So, what is the date palm diet, how to make a palm diet, what should be considered?

date diet

It is especially ideal for people who cannot get rid of belly fat. With this diet, you can both get rid of the fat from your belly and lose weight. It is necessary to do this diet for 7 days without a break.


With the date diet, you can lose an average of 5 to 7 kg at the end of 7 days. While on the diet, it is necessary to walk for at least 40 minutes a day.

A total of 7 dates are required to be eaten at each meal. Since this diet contains delicious dates, it is especially preferred by people who like to consume sugary foods.

Before you start a date diet, you need to make sure that you buy organic dates.

So, what is the date palm diet, how is it done, what should be considered?

What to Do Before Date Diet?
Before the date diet
Soak all the dates in water to increase the effect of the oil. Dates placed in water begin to soften after a while. In this way, the calories of dates are also reduced.

They’re also tastier. It becomes easier to eat. You can do the watering process one day before starting the diet. Do this in a deep bowl. You can use hot water. However, the water should not be boiling.

Don’t forget to cut the dates in half with a knife before putting them in the water. Dates soaked in water have a laxative effect. This effect softens the intestines. It increases the holding property. In this way, your feeling of hunger is delayed.

What Beverages Can Be Consumed on the Date Diet?

Drinks that can be consumed on the date diet

It comes with water and green tea. You can consume them unlimitedly. In addition, the consumption of the following is strictly prohibited:



    sugary juices,

    Coffee should not be drunk.

While on a date diet, you can consume the following drinks with peace of mind:


    Green tea,

    1 glass of mineral water with lemon a day.

What is the Sample Date Diet Menu?

An example of a date diet menu for one day can be listed as follows:

    In the morning, 7 dates with 1 bowl of light yogurt,

    7 dates on 1 bowl of light yogurt at lunch,

    At dinner, 7 dates should be consumed on 1 bowl of light yogurt.

If you wish, you can sprinkle coconut and cinnamon on yogurt in your meals. Be sure to consult your doctor before following the diet. If you are allergic to yogurt or dates, do not follow this diet.

Who is the Date Diet Recommended for?

People for whom the date diet is recommended

especially those who suffer from constipation and vitamin D deficiency. You will be able to put an end to these problems by doing the diet after consulting the doctor.

When dieting, make sure that the dates are of normal size. Dates are high in fiber. It also keeps you full for a long time as it has a low glycemic index.

It also contains high levels of vitamins and minerals. In this way, your energy will not decrease during the day. You will not have any difficulties while doing your work.

It is known that an average of 40 to 45 calories is in a medium date. In other words, if you apply this program, you will get about a thousand calories a day. This will come back to you as a good weight loss.

What Should Be Considered While Making a Date Diet?

One of the things to be considered while on a date diet is your right to date. Not even one more date than 21 dates should be consumed.

Yogurt, which is included in the diet, is especially rich in vitamin D. In this way, the date diet ensures the protection of your bone structure. While on a date diet, remember that it is forbidden to eat anything other than yoghurt and dates. For lots of water. If you drink green tea, do not add sugar to it.

You can also prefer other herbal teas such as white tea or chamomile tea, provided that you do not use sugar.