What is make-up sex is only a momentary savior!

What is make up sex? Does make up sex hurt the relationship? Experts warn! Contrary to popular belief, reconciliation sex does not help but harm the relationship!

Of course, there are fights and conflicts in every relationship. While thinking over the problems and solving them is always a saving factor in the relationship, covering it up causes so much wear on the relationship. Instead of solving their problems, couples take refuge in the phenomenon called ‘reconciliation sex’ with a natural urge to cover up. But experts warn! Contrary to popular belief, reconciliation sex does not benefit but harms the relationship. So what is make-up sex? Does make up sex hurt the relationship? The effects of reconciliation sex on the relationship were explained by the President of the Association of Sexual Health Institute (CISED). We learned from Cem Keçe. Here are all the curious ones!

Conflicts are escalating

President of the Sexual Health Institute Association (CISED) Dr. Cem Keçe says that this method can even lead couples to an undesirable end. Dr. According to Felt, many couples are embarrassed, afraid and hesitant to express their resentments or expectations to each other. Stating that the conflicts are magnified and the parties withdraw themselves, Dr. Felt points out that as a result of aggression, a state of resentment begins in couples. Dr. While underlining that couples generally use make-up sex as an effective weapon to get rid of these negative situations, Keçe makes very interesting observations:

“It’s an instant savior, it covers up the issues”

“At the end of the intense and violent fights, the parties get tense. As a result, couples who are afraid of losing each other find the solution by doing what they know best and taking shelter in their bodies. That’s what we call make-up sex. The struggle to get rid of negativity in couples appears as reconciliation sex in sexuality. It may be a savior for the moment, but this phenomenon obscures the issues and exacerbates the problems in the future. Then it becomes such that couples can no longer solve their chronic problems even with sexuality. The only way to overcome this crisis is to establish healthy communication.”

“Sex is a sharing of the soul rather than a duty to make peace”

“Man and woman in a fight feel obligated to offer their bodies to each other, preventing them from expressing their feelings, thoughts, fears, and expectations. However, sexuality is not the solution to ending conflicts. Couples should first share their feelings, expectations and disappointments with each other. It is a better approach for them to understand the causes of conflict and discover real solutions by voicing their demands and talking to each other. Sexuality will come naturally from the end of this process. Sex is a sharing of soul and body, rather than a task for reconciliation. In other words, sexuality is the science and art of being able to take pleasure and give pleasure, to share the soul and body, to ejaculate in a way, in a relaxed and relaxed state, by focusing on the pleasure of making love and touching.

In light of all this information, Dr. Felt has a very important warning to couples:

“Don’t raise your eyes when you make eyebrows!”

“The biggest mistake couples will make is to have sex before the ashes of the argument cool. Sexuality is basically the harmony of love and pleasure and should be perceived as such. So it is not a price offered for reconciliation. Make-up sex doesn’t end conflicts, it just covers it up. It’s like pushing the dirt under the carpet. The thing to remember is that reconciliation must first be with the heart. We advise couples to first make peace with the heart instead of using the body. We recommend that they go for a walk together, do sports activities, and do breathing and relaxation exercises instead of clinging to sex right away. This could be participating in any activity where they can spend time together. Whatever the method, the goal is for the ashes to cool, for hearts to find peace, for the parties to regain each other, perhaps to take a break to reconsider their relationship. Calming the soul and body, staying away from tensions and getting out of conflict will automatically make good sexuality possible. Sexual expectations built on top of stress and quarrels also magnify disappointments.”