How about celebrating yourself by taking yourself out on a date?

Because we always make time and space for our loved ones, we sometimes forget the most important person: ourselves. Now, ask yourself this: how many times have you thought about doing something on your own lately?

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or in a complicated situation, it’s always important to treat yourself and get to know yourself better. And the best way to do it is with a solo date. Because life isn’t all about being in a relationship with someone, and your most important relationship is your relationship with yourself.

A solo date night is the perfect way to celebrate everything especially yourself. Better still, it can be anything you want it to be.

What is “Solo Date”?

Dating alone is simply a form of self-care but dating style.

Unlike usual this time you have to be on your own going out. One advantage of this is that since you are the only person involved, there is no awkwardness in deciding what to do to please both parties. Whatever you do, you do it alone.

It could be going to the cafe for reading some books and eating cake, going out to dinner, visiting exhibitions, taking a walk or even going to the movies. The whole point is that you indulge in something you love to do.

If you are in a relationship, there may be feelings of guilt for doing things separately. You may worry that this means you don’t love each other properly and that you should spend every second possible together. That’s not really the case, and it’s actually really healthy to do things separately. But that doesn’t mean you’ll change, or that time apart doesn’t matter.

Of course, you probably got together because you have similar interests. But that doesn’t mean you have exactly the same interests. Going on a date alone means you can also enjoy a hobby or activity that the other doesn’t like, so you don’t have to feel like you’re limiting each other’s lives.

And if you’re not in a relationship, why should that keep you from all the fun of dating? Going out to dinner or to bars isn’t reserved for the beginning of a relationship. Reward yourself with your favorite dish from a local restaurant or that cocktail you’ve been dying to try.

That doesn’t mean you’ll never want to go on a two-person date again, it’ll just make you truly appreciate your own self. Flirt with yourself to win!

crossing the barrier

To some this may seem decidedly unorthodox. How can this be a date if there are not at least two people? This is not a game to force you to be anti-social, we promise. This is self-care for you to take better care of yourself, find your love language and treat yourself accordingly. If you are not convinced, remember this; If you spend your whole life waiting for others, you will be waiting forever.

What stops many people from doing this is that they think they will be judged for being on their own. Every now and then, someone might throw a glance, want to flirt, or even ask if the person you’ve been waiting for is coming. If you make it clear that you’re there for a purpose, or even pick up a book or laptop as a distraction, you’re probably not bothered at all. Sure, the thought is daunting, but it’s also boosting your self-confidence…

This is your chance to literally live as the main character instead of supporting it in the background. If it’s something you really want to do, doing it alone shouldn’t stop you.

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For your first solo date, go to a place where you’re comfortable or where you can see a familiar face (not a place where you can sit at your desk and spend time together). If the idea worries you, you don’t have to plan anything particularly long; Try drinking your coffee at a nearby cafe during your break, or buy yourself your favorite flower from the florist and take a short walk.

Another way to date solo is to add it to another event. Let’s say you went to a cafe to work; stay there after you’re done and treat yourself to a cocktail, dessert or hot chocolate.

It may sound scary, but so are many things in life! Once you do it, you’ll be dying to do it again.