What Happens If You Fall Into This Lake That Is As Sharp As Stomach Acid?

The water of the interesting lake, which is located in the Yellowstone National Park of the USA and is a hot spring spring, is so acidic that it literally digests a person who falls into it.

with supervolcanic magma activity below the surface Yellowstone National Park, One of the most interesting regions on earth. In addition, the volcanic zones in the park are expected to become active in the distant future.

The national park is actually a region that attracts many local and international tourists, and the acidic lake in question is flooded with visitors. A 21-year-old tourist from the state of North Carolina, who went to the park about 6 years ago, fell into one of the acidic hot springs, according to the park authorities’ statement. within 24 hours like butter in a frying panThe young man, who started to melt, managed to hold on to life.

Let’s give the following example to explain the incident experienced by the young person:

You take a shower and you take a bath with water at the ideal temperature, the water flowing over you suddenly rises to 93 degrees Celsius and it contains as much stomach acid as your stomach acid. There are sharp components.

No doubt you would have tried desperately to get out of that lake to save your life. As a matter of fact, the unnamed youth did the same thing and after intensive treatment. flukesurvived.

Just like the young person in the example, it is possible that the skin layers below the waist lose their water over time, the capillaries under the skin begin to burst, and the loss of sensation as a result of the damaged nerve endings. If you stay in this lake for more than a minute, human soupThere are no barriers for you to be.