What causes vaginismus, experts explain!

Vaginismus is a problem faced by many women. So what are the causes that pave the way for this disease? What are the recommendations for men at this point? Here is the answer!

What is vaginismus? What are the symptoms of vaginismus? How is vaginismus treated? How does vaginismus affect men? Urology Specialist Op.Dr.Murat Mermerkaya gave the answers to the curious questions and gave important information about the subject.

What is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a sexual function problem that is very common in women. It is the condition that the intercourse cannot be completed due to the involuntary (uncontrolled) contraction of the 1/3 lower pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina during sexual intercourse or it occurs in a very painful and painful way. All of the pelvic contractions observed in vaginismus occur involuntarily against the will of the woman and her desire. Most of the women who have the problem are still virgins because they have not had any relationship with their husbands despite their marriages that lasted for months or even years. Vaginismus, which is seen in almost one out of 10 women in our country, is a problem with a solution.

How does vaginismus affect men?

Most spouses of vaginismus patients are extremely understanding and patient with their spouses. This can sometimes cause the solution of a simple problem to be delayed for years. As a matter of fact, according to one definition, vaginismus is a ‘postponement-avoidance disease’. In time, sexual reluctance and erection problems also occur in men due to this avoidance behavior, which complicates the treatment of vaginismus. What men need to do at this point is to encourage their spouses in treatment and to support them in the treatment process.

Vaginismus treatment

Vaginismus is a 100% treatable disease. The patient’s acceptance of the vaginismus problem and his confrontation with this problem affect the success of the treatment. In order for the person to want to be treated and to get rid of negative thoughts in his head, it is necessary to be examined by an experienced and expert therapist. An effective treatment process deals with both the mind and the body. It is aimed to clear the mind from negative conditioning and anxiety towards sexuality and to make the body accept and enjoy vaginal entry. Treatments are directed at the mind, body, or both. During the treatment process, a detailed evaluation interview is made at the beginning. It is aimed to identify the person’s/couple’s lack of sexual knowledge and erroneous learning and to eliminate them first. The sexual and non-sexual relationships and interactions between spouses are understood and approaches are made to ensure cooperation and harmony between them.