What are the reasons that alienate men from sexuality, do not act negatively!

What are the reasons that turn men off from sex? Give up these habits to improve your sex life with your partner and have a happier bedroom!

Of course, it is not possible to meet and satisfy every request of your partner. However, in bed, you need to leave your unwanted habits behind by recognizing your partner’s wishes over time. There are some situations where especially men become cold in sexuality, which many women do without realizing it. Here are the behaviors that alienate men from sexuality…


Constantly talking about tired behaviors and negative thoughts around your partner can bore your partner away from you. Men are straight logic. Being constantly negative or negative in any situation is repulsive behavior for men. The more positive you are, the more attention you get.

THE stereotypical jealousy tactics

No matter how much you try to make your partner jealous by doing something he or she doesn’t want to do with someone else, this will only serve to cause your partner to become colder without you realizing it. But to reverse this situation, make him feel special and unique. Instead of making your partner jealous, this method will make him more attached to you.


Don’t be put off by the behavior or hobbies of models or actresses your partner likes in movies or any magazine. Stop pretending to be someone else. Behaviors that you take as an example of someone else in a place will look makeshift on you. Your partner loved you for who you are, and the moment you act like someone else, they may walk away from you.