What are the reasons for not having an orgasm, if you work sitting down…

What are the reasons for not having an orgasm? There are many reasons for not being able to orgasm. Here we have researched some of them for you.

What are the reasons for not having an orgasm? If you can’t have an orgasm or if you have difficulty while having an orgasm, there may be many reasons behind it. As Elmaelma.com, we have explained to you 4 reasons why you cannot have an orgasm. Be careful with these items!

If you sit and work all day…

If you’re sitting all day, your pelvic muscles won’t like it at all. Experts say that people who work sitting down usually need to get up and walk for 5-10 minutes every hour.

If you’re wearing heels….

According to experts, high heels can deform the psoas muscle, which connects orgasm-related areas such as the pelvic muscles and genitals.

If you’re too quiet…

Avoid being too quiet during sex. Of course, there is no need for your moans to make you groan, but making a little noise will allow you to reach a very impressive orgasm for both you and your partner.

low oxytocin level

There’s one important thing about orgasm, and that’s that oxytocin level. This hormone, which is directly related to orgasm, can fall due to stress and prevent you from having an orgasm.