What are the harms of daily pad use? Beware of this danger!

The harms of daily pad use? How should the daily pad be used? We have compiled for you those who are curious about how to use daily pads!

Experts warn! The daily pads that women usually use for vaginal discharge and that almost all women have with them are dangerous! This situation, which most women are unaware of, can lead to serious problems. Daily pads cause bacterial infections in the mouth of the vagina. So what are the unknown harms of daily pad use? We learned what you need to know about the use of daily pads from Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Gökçen Erdoğan.

It causes fungus!

Daily pads provide great convenience for women who usually have frequent discharge and whose underwear is constantly wet. However, these pads should not be used very carefully. Because if it is not used carefully, it causes the formation of fungus.

Needs to be replaced soon

Experts warn! Women who use daily pads should change their pads in a short time. It needs to be changed every 1-2 hours. In addition, pads that give off a strong smell should be avoided. Fungal infection is common in those who use daily pads, especially since microbes will be easy to settle due to friction on the pad surface.

Prefer to change your underwear more often

Experts do not find the daily use of pads very accurate. Instead, he says, underwear that is changed frequently is healthier. There are some things to consider when buying pads. One of them is whether there is a 100% organic cotton text on the package. Because the higher the nylon ratio, the higher the infection rate. These phrases are not found in many brands. You have little choice but to experiment. In fact, nylon pads often rustle when walking. For this reason, you should prefer cotton ones.