We pay attention to organic nutrition, but is our relationship organic?

We pay attention to organic and healthy nutrition as much as possible. So do we live organically? For example, how organic is our relationship? Don’t say you can have an organic relationship, of course it will.

There is a fact that no one can deny that we need only organic relationships in this rapidly polluted age. Do you remember when you started an unrequited, pure, greed and prejudice-free relationship like in your childhood or early teenage years? You are trying to eat organic and turn to nature, it’s good, but let’s see if our relationships are natural.

Error Forcing Relationships

If you allow social pressures and the status quo to decompose your relationships, you may end up losing. Do not reject naturalness for a positive, open to development, organic relationship, let your relationship flow in its natural flow. Even in the simplest relationship established between two people, there will be unhappiness, misunderstandings, fights, but do not try to manage your relations with the words of others, especially third parties. Sometimes it’s best to listen to your heart.

We Remove Our Masks

The way to establish an organic relationship is to remove the social masks we wear. A strong foundation is essential for an organic relationship. Organic relationships with the right people allow you to discover new heights in life. If your relationship deteriorates as a result of removing your masks, it can teach you three things: what you can’t tolerate, what you don’t deserve, and what you don’t need in your life.

Naturalness Under Threat

We tend to search obsessively for the person we believe to be our missing piece or soul mate, but when we think we’ve found that person, we are afraid of losing them, and this fear causes us to redefine love. We go around in different moods. We get used to living in obsessive, insecure, anxious, prejudiced moods, and we lose the courtesy and care necessary for our relationships to last. The thing is, these sickly moods threaten the naturalness of our relationships, that is, organic. However, if we do not fall into the trap of prejudiced concepts, we can have a cleaner, healthier, more organic relationship.

Enjoy the Relaxation

If the problem of our age is stress and fatigue, the problem of bilateral relations is to try to live in accepted behavior patterns and to reflect the tense mood that permeates every moment of our lives. It is obvious that if we leave the pure and real not only in the relationships between men and women, but also in business life or in the simplest terms, in the relationships we establish with our close circle, we will not be able to establish deep ties and the weak ties we have established will not bring us the peace, calmness and happiness we need.

Choose Naturalness Instead of Living ‘As If’

Instead of trying to show thoughts or situations that have nothing to do with reality as if they are real, believing in a fantasy world, in short, living as if it were, we should understand the beauty of really feeling, we should feel real worries, anxieties and love for each other so that security bonds can be formed between us. Experts say that this organic relationship we establish with our immediate environment, or in another sense, the level of shared security determines the depth of vulnerability. The more open we are, the more sincere we are in our relationships, the greater the pleasure we get from the established relationship.