Ways to have a healthy relationship

No matter who you ask, no one wants to have a toxic relationship. We can’t always be healthy enough to have a healthy relationship. So how should a healthy relationship be?

Although everyone is different, the most important point is always how you manage the relationship. Even if there are problems in the relationships that are carried out correctly, there will be a middle point in all circumstances, as it will be solution-oriented. The important thing is to find the right person and maintain the relationship in the right way. So what are the things to look for and do in a healthy relationship? Let’s examine…

Give importance to healthy communication

If you can’t open up to your partner about your problems or chat like other couples, you’re not quite yourself when you’re with them. In a healthy relationship, you should be able to share your problems comfortably and without discussion. If this is not possible for you, the situation may be overwhelming and may indicate that your partner does not respect the opinions of others. Without proper communication, since the parties will live their thoughts constantly, an atmosphere of discussion may occur or the expectations, desires and wishes from the relationship cannot be fully conveyed, so the relationship may enter an insoluble cycle. Remember, healthy communication is essential for any relationship.

Be understanding

Yes, communication is important, but any communication without understanding eventually collapses. Your partner and you should not only be able to talk about your feelings and ambitions, but also not listen to each other. No matter how much you listen, communication alone becomes meaningless if you don’t understand what each other is trying to say. If there is no empathy, you may not be able to display a healthy point of view in response to what they have experienced, and at the same time, you may cause arguments.

Show respect

The most important factor in a healthy relationship is respect. Respect is actually the reason most relationships end. Mutual respect should be the priority in any relationship, because without respect, love and trust are meaningless. So you shouldn’t think that both of you are superior to the other.

You must be supportive

Even if you have family or friends to support you, if you can’t get support from the person you share your life with, it means there are problems in the relationship. While every couple is different, support is listening to a partner’s problem, encouraging them about their dreams, or simply helping them with their daily chores. You need to make sure your partner supports you.

Protect your freedom

No matter how close you are, you shouldn’t depend on each other for everything. This not only puts too much pressure on your partner, but is also detrimental to the relationship. Therefore, being so dependent on each other can lead to a toxic relationship. It is very normal to be happy to spend time together, but it is important to leave it in your mind because this situation can lead to exploitation of happiness after a while. You should not forget about other responsibilities in your life and, above all, that you have a life of your own. To make your partner happy, you must first be happy in your own life. In fact, you must first learn to be self-sufficient.

You must have self-respect

Most healthy relationships become toxic because the parties fail to see their own worth. People who don’t know their own worth turn a blind eye to their partner’s less attention than they deserve. The more generous side naturally leaves this situation injured. The saying that you can’t love anyone else without loving yourself is the key to healthy relationships. Knowing your own worth shows how your partner should treat you. Kind of like loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself enough, it’s very likely that you will often encounter partners who don’t value you!

Do not set it in your mind

Even though we’re in love, we can’t read each other’s minds. Don’t expect your partner to know how you’re feeling before you open their mouth. If you’re upset, if you’re angry, tell him. Make it clear what you expect from your partner instead of expecting them to understand you right away. As we mentioned in the first article, healthy communication is the cure for everything.

You must know how to compromise

This topic is somewhat controversial. No matter how much we don’t want to give up on ourselves or think it’s worth it, no one is perfect and your relationship may not last long if you don’t compromise. But if you want a healthy relationship you have to realize that there will always be disagreements but putting your ego aside and meeting in the middle will show you and your partner what you can do for the relationship. If your partner wants to watch a game that night, it can’t be too bad to give up a few hours for him and sit next to him.

You must keep your distance

While it may sound like a bad thing, the occasional distance from your partner can be beneficial for the relationship. Especially if you live together, quality time spent by yourself will both relax your mind and make you miss each other. When you talk about what you do when you are apart, you will notice that your conversations become better quality.

Be honest

Honesty is essential for the foundation of a healthy relationship. If there is honesty, there is trust. White lies may be necessary sometimes, you may want to experience some things within yourself, but you need to know the things you shouldn’t hide from your partner.

Learn to be friends first

Your partner should also be your best friend. Having a partner who trusts and respects you and also has a friend with whom you can share everything and who sees aspects of you that others don’t understand creates a solid foundation in a relationship. While friendship isn’t the answer to the perfect relationship, being with your best friend at the same time will definitely make the relationship more fun.

Be patient

Love requires patience. You should wait for your partner to change for the better. Most toxic relationships are caused by people being impatient and unsympathetic towards each other. If you don’t have patience with your partner when there are misunderstandings and conflicts, you will leave a high potential relationship at the slightest disagreement.

learn to share

In addition to being a friend, lover, there should be someone to help you. Whatever you are, if you share the same house, you should help each other and learn to share, you should be a kind of partner. Both parties should take equal responsibility for your relationship and your lives, and you should make up for each other’s differences or shortcomings. Instead of competing against each other or ego warfare, you should tackle any problem or situation together and solve the problem as a team.