Way to deal with stress on a first date!

First dates are as stressful as they are exciting. But you have nothing to fear. Now we will get through this together.

First impression matters. The more tense and stressed you are, the better your impression will be. If you are stressed on a first date, you may not be able to express what you want to say. Or on the contrary, things that you should never say may spill out of your tongue. So, how can you get over the stress of a first date?

first date tips

Venue: Choose a public place that does not hold special significance to either party. Do you hesitate when deciding on the neighborhood? See where you cross paths with him, this neighborhood might suit both of you!

What to wear: Of course you want to look your best. However, be careful not to go out of your usual style. This way you will feel better. Also, your dressing style is one of the features that make you who you are… Therefore, you don’t want to leave a different impression on your date. 😉

Preparation: What is the best way to calm down and boost self-confidence? Your friends of course! Do you remember chatting with your mother or best friend before a job interview or an important exam? It’s probably very good for you… Talking to a confidant who knows you well and encourages you can build confidence and reduce stress.

To-do list: A few little notes to keep in mind before leaving the house to avoid unexpected events and unnecessary stress: Transportation: What will you take to the meeting and how long does the trip take? When does the last bus leave to return home? Be sure to answer every question you can think of beforehand so you don’t have to apologize for being late. Of course, you don’t always look at the clock and create the impression that you are bored with the worry of missing the bus during dinner. Weather: When you arrive at the meeting place, you do not want to get wet as if you have poured a bucket of water over your head. Even though it is 20° outside, you have to use the menu like a fan all evening because of the wool sweater you wear… Checking the weather forecast before leaving the house will save you from these troubles.

Dating: Don’t be too hard on yourself, it will take some time to warm up to each other. Be natural, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you weren’t impressed by it, don’t worry. Listen to your inner voice, if it’s positive, give it another chance and schedule a second date. If it’s negative, tell him politely that it’s not.