Want to save your deteriorating relationship?

I know you’re thinking that we wish our relationship would always stay the way it started. Whoever does not want to continue with the same excitement, but usually after a long time it gets worse and ends in disappointment. If you don’t want it to end in frustration, you can save your relationship from getting worse by paying attention.

feel the problem

The mistake of couples in relationships is that they ignore existing problems. If you can’t feel the problem in the relationship, the problem gets so big that the moment you tackle it, it’s too late. When you realize there is a problem, you should bring it up.

Take action for the solution

If you do not try to solve the problem before it grows, other problems will be added to it. You should take steps to find a solution without wasting time. Let your conversations always be constructive. Even if you’re going to criticize, you have to do it with the so-called soft words. Don’t be destructive.

unfair search

If there is a problem, it threatens the relationship. When trying to find the cause of the problem, give up the search for right and wrong.

Don’t show yourself differently

Be yourself while solving the problem. Remember, part of the problem is you. One of the biggest mistakes couples make is taking different identities while talking about their problems. They perceive it as a kind of defense mechanism. However, this situation causes them to become alienated from the problem and complicates the solution.

Aim for happiness

Test well how to be happy. The problem is there. Will you be happy by solving this problem and moving on with your relationship, or by moving on without him? Don’t take action before making this decision. It is your happiness. Don’t be selfish but think about yourself.

Don’t neglect sex

When couples are having problems, communication between them decreases to a minimum. Sex is also the most perfect exchange of feelings between couples. Do not prevent your partner from approaching you because there are problems between you. Perhaps after making love with the love you have experienced, an environment will arise to talk about the problem and as a result, you will wake up free of bed. And don’t forget that people who are rejected lose their self-confidence.

Show you care

Show him that the most important person in his life is your lover. He needs to feel it. If you care about it, you will also care about the problem and make an effort to solve it. Your diligence motivates your lover. She makes an effort as she sees the effort in you.

Making it the center of your life

Care, but don’t exaggerate. Don’t be the planet that revolves around it by making it the focus of your life. Protect yourself, your life. Spend time without it, engage in activities with others. While doing these, avoid actions that will harm his confidence.

Don’t forget the romance

You can rekindle the romantic days at the beginning of your relationship. Flowers to buy, food to go out and a dance to do will have a magical effect in solving your problems. Don’t say, “Oh dear, is now the time, things are bad between us already”.

Fate is not as it was

You did everything, you communicated, you benefited from romance, you didn’t neglect sex, you put the problem on the table but it didn’t work? Then the bond that holds you together is broken. Do not forget that you can love and be loved again, and you can establish a happy relationship.