Vagina whitening methods

Why does the vagina darken, how does it affect sexuality, what are the solution methods? All the answers are at

Darkening in the vagina over time bothers women a lot. The tissue surrounding the vagina and the skin over it are darker than other areas due to the presence of pigment. The darkening that occurs increases with age and disturbs women very much.

Why does the vagina darken?
– external genitalia vulva It may darken over time depending on age and hormonal changes. The main hormone here is estrogen. estrogen hormoneThe vulva tissue, rich in nutrients, can darken under the influence of UV rays of the sun.

– Most women increase during pregnancy estrogendue to hormones in the bikini areas complains of discoloration. The darkening of this region may also be permanent after pregnancy. This is especially evident in dark-skinned people.

Other than pregnancy, use of birth control pills, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal problems, some skin diseases are also excluded. darkening in the genital areais the reason.

– Some people may also have a genetic predisposition. For example, the genitals of brunette women become darker.

– Even after laser applications for genital area epilation darkening of the genital area may occur. Laser light given to this area can cause browning by activating the “melanin” pigment in the skin tissue.

– Waxing, glaze and razor blade applications made to remove the hairs in the genital area also cause darkening of the color.

How does it affect sexual life?
Having a dark vagina color, It also affects your sex life badly. Because in these regions, aesthetics is as important as hygiene. Since it is important for men to have the sexual organs of their partners look aesthetically pleasing, it can also cause psychological problems in women. Shape and appearance disorders reduce the person’s self-confidence and prevent him from enjoying sex properly.

Although many cosmetic products are sold in order to eliminate the darkening, since the darkening is in the private region, the products with chemical content may adversely affect the region. Therefore, great care must be taken. Vaginal whitenessprimarily for laser lightening treatments: Genital area whiteningIt can be applied as color bleaching, genital area bleaching.

Laser genital bleaching is also known as ‘labial whitening’ or ‘vulvar whitening’.
Laser applications in the external genital area are also performed for the purpose of tightening the vulva in the genital area.