Update from Google to reconcile the offended!

Google will remind you of birthdays with its new update for the Contacts app! Here are the details…

Google added a “Featured” section in its Contacts app update late last year. This section displays favorite contacts and recent calls. The company is now adding a “For you” section to the Contacts application with its new update. In this section, there will be information such as birthdays and how many days are left for those registered to Google Contacts. So how will this feature work? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Thanks to Google Contacts, birthdays will no longer be forgotten

Added “For You” section to Contacts app with new update. In the Google Contacts For You section, there will be profile photo, name and birthday information of those in the contact list. In addition, how much time is left for the birthday date will also appear in this section.

Added “For you” section for Contacts app is available in version 4.2. It is possible to reach innovation by updating the application on the Play Store. However, in order to use this feature, it is necessary to add the birthday dates of the people registered in Contacts. If not added, the birthday information will not appear in the Contacts For You section.

This feature will also provide users with a shortcut to search for birthdays. Thus, it will be possible to easily call the person whose birthday is coming through Contacts.

The innovation is similar to Google Assistant, which in a sense reminds anyone of their birthday. Google Assistant reminds users of the upcoming birthdays of the people saved on the phone with a notification.

On the other hand, it should be noted that to see these notifications, it is necessary to save the contact on the phone, not on the SIM. Otherwise, the birthday information will not appear and the reminder notification will not come.