Tudors no-iron shirt collection

Menswear brand Tudors has unveiled its no-iron shirt collection. We have compiled for you the details of shirts that do not require ironing, which will make life easier for both women and men.

Men, who spend their work and daily life in a busy tempo, now prefer shirts that do not require ironing. Shirts, which provide great convenience especially for women, save great lives for both parties.

Shirts that do not require ironing, which are among the 2018 autumn-winter product range of the men’s fashion brand Tudors, attract great attention from men. Shirts that do not require ironing, which are the first choice of women as well as men, make life easier for men with their rich color and pattern alternatives as well as their functionality.

Tudors, which has made a name for itself in the men’s fashion sector with its collection of cardigans, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories, as well as shirts where specially textured fabrics meet perfect patterns, meets all clothing and accessory needs of men.

The energetic and dynamic spirit felt in Tudors’ new collection is combined with the favorite colors of the season. For men who want to make a difference in their style, shirts in which green and its tones are used attract attention. The cobalt blues and tobacco color used in the details combine the game-changing line and design with dynamism and the charm of street style. Among the men who complement their daily life as well as office elegance with Tudors, the new collection stands out with special designs in white, navy blue, brown, claret red and their tones, plain, checkered and striped.


Sweaters, cardigans, vests and knitwear in the new collection, where all the vividness of colors are felt, reflect the meeting of nature-inspired naphtha green and complementary burgundy and blue colors. Offering a brand new and energetic style, Tudors also makes the latest favorite flower patterns felt in its designs.

Plaids, which are an indispensable part of street fashion, continue to maintain the casual style effect with color combinations. The collection enriched with jacquards and prints in order to create more dynamic effects by not giving up the classic line in knitwear is presented with a stronger line.


Tudors’ rich and colorful accessory collection will be indispensable for courageous, stylish and modern men. Ties, bow ties, cufflinks, belts, bow ties and suspenders, which are preferred in daily life, special occasions and office life, offer alternative options with floral and colorful patterns.

Tudors, which completes men with stylish touches from head to toe; Bags, wallets, handkerchiefs, socks, underwear, wristbands, glasses and tie clip accessories meet all the accessory needs of a man.