Tie your spouse or lover to yourself with the anchoring method.

Psychologist Esra Ezmeci recommends the anchoring method to tie your spouse to yourself. She says that thanks to these two methods, there is a happier marriage. So what is this hoeing method? And how is it applied?

Anchoring is a method that has been in psychology for a very long time. In fact, we are constantly hoeing throughout our lives without realizing it. For example, someone who has had surgery long ago will feel nauseous even when walking in front of the hospital. The disease passed, it lasted for many years, but the hospital causes that memory to be remembered again.

We have an anchor at five points: smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch. If we activate our senses so much, we leave so many traces on the other side. So, how is anchoring used in relationships? In a very happy moment with your spouse or partner, for example at a very pleasant tapping point, apply small pressures to your partner’s palm, shoulder or neck.

For example, if you apply pressure to the middle of your partner’s palm 4 or 5 times for 3 seconds, you are anchoring that memory. However, you should do this by saying that you are doing a massage, without letting your spouse know why you are doing this. Later, the man hit his hand and when his palm was pressed, the good memories he had with you became the trigger.

In addition, if you talk to the other party by suppressing the letters “s” during this hoeing, it will help them to be more engraved in their memory. Because the letter “s” was the most memorized letter in the mind.