Things you should never talk about on a first date

First date, first impression is very important, but the first date should not be the place to talk about everything that comes to mind without paying attention.

You met someone, we texted a little, then you set a date. It is very normal to be excited because the first date will affect the course of your relationship positively or negatively. If you don’t want your relationship to end before it starts, you have to let your ears hear what comes out of your mouth. Yes, you should ask everything you are curious about, you should talk about yourself. This will help you get to know each other. But first date, this is not the right time for the topics we’re talking about. Well, what are these things that should not be talked about, I seem to hear you say. Let’s see what’s up?

My financial position is amazing

Of course, being in good financial standing will affect the person in front of you. But the fact that you constantly express this good situation with words will have an incredibly repulsive effect. You can easily make the other party feel it with your attitude, stance, and clothing. You don’t need to say that you have my vote for nothing.

My last relationship was truly a disaster

“I recently broke up with my girlfriend/boyfriend and my relationship really sucked.” The conversation that starts with the sentence and continues with sentences that knock your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend from the ground will be enough to turn the other person away from you immediately. What a problematic and dissatisfied perception will create in the person in front of you. I’ve already passed everything, on the first date, it is quite wrong to bring up the subject of your past relationship.

life for meit’s not going well

If you’re that negative, you can’t start a happy relationship without feeling good already. Therefore, you do not need to squeeze the other side. Maybe that person you meet is the right person for you, but if you push the other person away from you when you meet in this negativity. Remember, as they say, the right person is the wrong time. I recommend that you do not make this mistake.

My family really drives me crazy

Of course, you can talk about your family on the first date. However, you shouldn’t talk about how they drive you crazy, how much they bother you, down to the smallest detail. Because it will make the other party’s first opinion about you negative. What a troubled family he has, it will create the perception that I should stay away. It is not right for the person you just met, even your partner who has been in your life for a long time, to know every detail of what is going on in the family.

Do you want to meet my mother?

Here is the sentence that will scare the person in front of you “I would love to introduce you to my mother too” If you want to stop, what’s the rush to introduce you to your mother on your first date? You can create the perception that the person in front of you is more curious than yesterday. Also, if he thought that he was thinking of getting married right away and introduced her to her, get well soon. This will not be the second meeting. Remember, on the first date, this impression is not true at all, let some time pass, it’s like you’re missing out on the fire, you introduce your mother to you.

How do we pay the bill?

After a nice meal, when it’s time to pay the bill, “How shall we pay the bill? You pay half, I pay half.” Using sentences like this can cause everything good to come to an end. In this regard, it is up to men to be a little gentleman. After all, it’s just a first date! You have to open your mouth a little bit. Let cotton hands go in your pocket on the first date.

Do you want to come my home?

This is your very first date. Inviting to the house on the first date, you may invite with an innocent thought, but it will create the feeling that you are only looking for a sexual relationship and not thinking about a serious relationship. So, be patient and save this invitation for your future meetings.