They made meatballs from the meat of mammoths that went extinct 4,000 years ago.

It may seem impossible to taste a patty made with the meat of mammoths that went extinct 4,000 years ago. But doing that, it seems, is now possible…

a company in Australia, used DNA from a mammoth to make mammoth patties . company named Vow from unusual (and extinct) animalsBy producing meats, he hopes, with these “raised” meat alternatives, they will be able to distance people from traditional meat sources that are no longer sustainable during the climate crisis.

Vow used DNA sequence from a mammoth muscle protein to create the patties. DNA from mammoths was used where there were gaps in the sequence, The Guardian reports. This was done before the meat was grown in myoblast stem cells from sheep. The whole process took several weeks, and it’s possible to do so “indefinitely,” according to the patties’ creators.

co-founder of Vow Tim NoakesmithIn an interview with The Guardian, the team’s mammoth ” as a symbol of diversity loss and climate change”, but this process can be used if an almond-sized biopsy is found from any target animal.

So this method won’t be used for animals like the Dodo, where we don’t have enough remains.

The team told Good Morning Britain “ There is not enough genetic information to achieve this” he said and added: “ Dodo nuggets were actually the first idea that came to our mind. We turned to mammoth patties because we have more information about this species.

Vow’s Chief Scientific Officer James Ryanwhereas ” T. Rex’s collagen sequence is actually pretty well defined” he says and continues: “ So, theoretically, you could create a collagen-based nutritional supplement using Tyrannosaurus Rex (DNA).

In the long term, the team hopes to develop cultured meats to compete with and eventually replace conventionally raised meats. However, initially, chefs are adventurous enough to use and customers are willing to pay high” they focus on fine dining restaurants.