The way to a man’s heart is through these suggestions

You like someone and you want to fall in love with yourself. There are ways and formulas to make a man fall in love, of course.

When you recognize and discover the person in front of you, if you show behaviors that will appeal to him, it is likely that you have entered his heart or are on the way to enter. First of all, it should be said that if you want to make someone fall in love with yourself, your biggest assistant will be self-confidence and courage. The fact that you love yourself will also increase your attractiveness in his eyes. Let’s start the journey of making men fall in love now. Here are the important suggestions that go to the heart of the man…

You Should Worry About Him

In order to impress and fall in love with the other person, you must first be curious about that person, ask open-ended questions and listen carefully. You can encourage her by getting her to talk about her dreams and expectations. Most importantly, try to find the shortcomings and gaps in your life and show him that you can fill these areas.

Talk About Topics He Enjoys Talking About

Let him talk about the things he feels happy about and enjoys. As men tell, they become motivated and feel confident. Let him tell about himself, but never talk about yourself at length. Be a good listener, as he tells you, find the points in himself that he cannot notice and let him discover.

Complement Your Deficiencies and Weaknesses

The only place where we can get the attention, love and value that we don’t see from our family and fill our missing parts is only in our romantic relationship. In order to seduce and fall in love, you need to know the values, expectations, weaknesses, desires and fear gaps of the other person and feel that you can complete these sides together.

Deal With Compassion

You should show interest, love and affection to the person in front of you like a mother. Because he believes that he can be completed with you for life and the happy ending falls in love with you. Let him feel himself at the center of your attention. When you glorify him with care, compassion, love and appreciation, he has no choice but to fall in love with you.

Always Be Natural

Remember, the most attractive state of a woman is her natural state. Love loves naturalness, not artificiality, so you should ensure that the process of falling in love goes in the flow and away from artificiality.

Be Exciting, Not Boring

You constantly go through your agenda, make a plan, and the person in front of you codes you as boring in their mind. Because there are no surprises in such a line. This situation is not pleasant to men and instead of falling in love with you, he will immediately walk away. Being in the moment, being in the flow and being spontaneous will strengthen your naturalness and will make you look more fun and impressive. Daily life, troubles, problems, complaints and troubles are not behaviors that will contribute to falling in love with you.

Feel Special and Powerful

A woman who makes a man feel special is always indispensable. A man who feels good next to him is always attached and never wants to leave. The most important step to be able to fall in love and manage a man is to make him feel valuable by your side. You have to let him help you, protect you, and feel powerful with it.


Find one aspect of the person you want to fall in love with and sincerely appreciate it. And when he says something to you, be sure to acknowledge it. The approved man is satisfied. He feels valued.

Persistence, Struggle, and Sometimes Back Up

Withdrawing in relationships has always been the tactic that works best. So don’t be persistent, forceful, and effortless. All of these spoil the naturalness and magic of the process at the same time. If a man feels a sense of loss, he will tremble even more, step back from time to time, make him think of you and come after you.

Feel Free

No one wants to be restrained, questioned, and explain for hours in their romantic relationship. Make him realize that you are giving him endless freedom to fall in love with you. Because when you don’t get jealous, don’t get bored and set it free, remember that it will be more attached to you. Just express your admiration, appreciate, show compassion.

Don’t Let It Untie You

Do not tell every detail about your life at length, sometimes leave it half and do not complete it. People do not chase what they have achieved, what they have solved, but what they can’t get and people who mess with their minds. The more time he spends with you in his mind, the faster he falls in love with you.