The most creative marriage proposals

No girl wants a marriage proposal to be ordinary. He wants surprises that he will remember well. We have compiled different marriage proposals that may be an idea for you.

The preparations for this important day for marriage are quite difficult. For these reasons, people who want to make a proposal before marriage; It will be beneficial for them to know in which ten methods they can propose marriage and which advice they should follow.

Proposing by writing a marriage proposal on the bottom of a coffee cup

The person who wants to propose ensures that the marriage proposal is written on the outer base of the coffee cup. This cup, which is in legible writing style and color, is given to the other party when coffee is to be drunk. After the coffees are finished, fortune-telling for entertainment is requested and the cup is made to be turned upside down. The marriage proposal words on the outside, which are legible, will be noticed under the pretext of fortune-telling. Unexpectedly surprising and fun, this offer option is suitable for couples who like simplicity.

Announcing and bidding during live music

Live music is one of the fun venues that most people enjoy. The singer announces your name, says there is a singer among us, and if you go out and sing, you can invite your lover to the stage and propose marriage after the song. In this method of bidding, the salon duties are discussed beforehand and assured that they will be helpful in bidding. While the singer continues his music, an offer is made by naming a meaningful song or a pleasant song. This marriage proposal can be preferred by parties who like to interact with people.

Proposing when picnicking in the countryside and with mass events

While the party who will propose marriage spends time outdoors, romantic sentences are established. As a result of the peace of the weather, a direct marriage proposal is made. This organization, accompanied by other people; It can also be turned into a collective organization by helping and cheering for fireworks. This marriage proposal option can be made by parties who want to be stylish while intending to propose directly.

Marriage proposals to be made on meaningful days

There are special days for the relationship parties, either jointly or individually. While celebrations may not be held for every special day, a marriage proposal can be made during a celebration period. Within the organization organized for the celebration, an offer is made by giving the appearance of celebration. Regardless of the process, it will be surprising and loved to receive a marriage proposal in a different celebration.

Proposing with sound recording toys and hanging banners

Some toys are designed to present a short speech audibly placed on the recorder inside. Such a toy can be gifted to the other party by recording the sentences intended to be said for marriage. It is also possible to keep the marriage proposal as a memory for a long time in the gift received.

In the option of hanging a banner, which is another method, special marriage proposal sentences and the names of the people are printed. In an area that is inhabited or visited, a banner is opened unannounced and the other party is allowed to see it. Both of these are simple but effective bidding methods.

Proposing when you’re angry

Fights and arguments are situations that create barriers between people. Fights, which have devastating effects for the parties involved, can be turned into an advantage if control is taken. A small-scale discussion is made from a small event, and the question ‘Will you marry’ is expressed in its most heated place. Especially action-loving people can make an offer with this method.