The harms of wearing G-strings cause bacteria to enter the body!

Although it is known that G-string underwear has harmful effects on health, it is the favorite of most women. So what should you pay attention to when buying g-string underwear? Here is the answer!

It is noted that g-string or thong type underwear, which is increasingly popular with women, is harmful to health. Continuous use of g-strings for new wearers can cause vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason, there are some points to consider when buying g-string-thong type underwear…

Causes bacteria to enter the body

If a slippery material is used in underwear, it may restrict our freedom of movement during the day. Moreover, as it moves, it causes bacteria to settle in the vagina, which can lead to vaginosis or urinary tract infections.

Prefer cotton ones

The biggest problem in this type of underwear is the material from which the product is obtained. Since thongs are often designed with appearance rather than function, they are usually made from fabrics other than cotton. But materials often used in underwear, such as polyester, vinyl, satin, and other sexy fabrics, do not breathe as well as cotton. Therefore, it affects more moisture trapping and vaginal problems.

Be careful not to be too tight

One last potential problem is wearing a thong that is too tight. Because this type of laundry puts pressure on damp places, it can cause irritation or redness on your skin that can become self-infecting.