The cause of the fireballs that appeared in the sky and caused fear was revealed

The fireballs that suddenly appeared in the skies of the USA once again brought spy balloons and even UFOs to the agenda. But a much simpler explanation emerged.

Around 4 a.m. local time last Thursday morning, fireballs appeared in the sky in southwestern Florida, causing concern and confusion among state residents. While many were unsure of the cause of these fireballs, some blamed asteroids, Chinese spy balloons and even drones. In fact, as always, UFO rumors started to spread immediately. But these fireballs, according to astronomers, formed by the remnants of a Chinese rocket that burned at reentry.

The rocket in question is thought to be carrying the Chinese satellites launched on March 22 into orbit. Fireballs appearing as a gigantic glow in the sky over Florida, It was the remains of the fourth stage of the Chinese rocket, which burned in an uncontrolled entry.

Videos of the event were posted on Twitter, and astronomers such as Jonathan McDowell only spoke about what caused the event late in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the remains of Chinese rockets to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere uncontrollably. In 2020, the remains of a Chinese rocket nearly crashed into a school on its way back to Earth.

The country has made some big strides in space exploration. Still, without properly controlled re-entries, any launch it makes could turn out to be a risk to humans on Earth. This event is the latest reminder of the importance of providing safe routes for rocket parts to return to Earth.

But China is pretty tight-lipped when it comes to space exploration. As the country continues its hard work for more space exploration missions and even plans to explore Uranus, we hope that further safety measures will be taken in future launches.