Reasons that brought the relationship to the point of ending

There may be moments of breaking in relationships from time to time, at these times the bells have started to ring that the end of the relationship is a matter of time. Some situations can be ignored, while others we cannot even tolerate. So, what could be the reasons that bring a relationship to the point of ending?

Recovery after a long relationship

We cannot say that the pain of separation is an easy pain, and if you love a lot, it is obvious that you will feel very sad and suffer. We can say that we are with you in this process. That’s why we have compiled for you how to deal with the pain of separation.

Existential psychotherapy

The society, family and culture we are born into can sometimes make us feel limited and helpless. It is much easier to blame external conditions and the “other” for what happens to us than to accept our own role in what happens to us. This is actually the biggest obstacle to our taking responsibility and change.

burnout syndrome

“What is burnout syndrome? How can we reduce the effects of this syndrome by increasing our emotional resilience?” We will try to find answers to your questions.