Recovery after a long relationship

We cannot say that the pain of separation is an easy pain, and if you love a lot, it is obvious that you will feel very sad and suffer. We can say that we are with you in this process. That’s why we have compiled for you how to deal with the pain of separation.

burnout syndrome

“What is burnout syndrome? How can we reduce the effects of this syndrome by increasing our emotional resilience?” We will try to find answers to your questions.

hyper empathy syndrome

“Have you ever listened to your friend’s problem for hours when things were not going well in your life? Or that you are sad as if you experienced a situation that he described? Have you ever cried heartily for him? Or music you don’t listen to in case other people make fun of you? Have you ever gone to help your friend when you have a very important exam tomorrow? Then let’s get to know the Extreme Empathy Syndrome together.”

Tudors no-iron shirt collection

Menswear brand Tudors has unveiled its no-iron shirt collection. We have compiled for you the details of shirts that do not require ironing, which will make life easier for both women and men.