Are there conflicts in your relationship? Then read well.

Your relationship, which started with passion as in fairy tales, may start to wear out as a result of arguments as time goes on. This cold war between you and your lover or spouse can also create a breaking point in your relationship. Beware of!

Why Don’t We Remember What We Forgot?

The brain, which is the most distinctive feature of storing 3 pieces of 1000 terabytes of information and being able to retrieve it from there at any time, interestingly sometimes realizes that it has forgotten something, but cannot remember what it is.

What is the water diet, how is it done? What are the benefits and harms?

The so-called water diet is claimed to have several health benefits, including weight loss. In this article, we discussed the effect of water on weight, together with the water diet, which has been heard frequently recently. So, what is the water diet, how is it done? Who can do the water diet? Here are the harms and benefits of the water diet.