Is every negative experience a trauma?

What is Trauma? While trauma begins to become one of the frequently used words in our daily life, it can only be the name we give to events that increase the stress level; However, events that disrupt the daily routine, occur suddenly and unexpectedly, cause horror, anxiety and panic, and disrupt the person’s meaning-making processes can be defined as traumatic experiences. A traffic accident, a natural disaster (earthquake, flood, etc.), harassment, a more challenging experience, the first slap to a child can be examples of trauma. How Do We Cope With Our Traumas? 1. The first step on the road to recovery is to deal with overstimulation. There are many ways to breathe correctly (diaphragmatic breathing, square, triangle breathing), yoga, meditation, sports, swimming. 2. The second step is to develop AWARENESS. (Bodily and emotional awareness) 3. A good SUPPORT NETWORK, SOCIAL CONTACT. 4. Contact has an important place in the treatment of trauma in terms of the development of feelings of trust and closeness. (THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE) 5. Taking action (THATER, DRAMA, SPORTS, etc.) 6. Making use of therapy schools such as EMDR – CBT – MINDFULLNES.