Suggestions for activities you can do with your lover

Are you looking for differences in your relationship? If you want to add both fun and adventure, you are at the right place. These activities will add different excitements and different deep traces to your relationship.

excuses to text ex girlfriend

Do you use excuses to talk to your ex again? We’ve put together some of the most common excuses for texting your ex. Maybe you don’t realize how dire and deplorable the situation looks when you write it, but when you read it, you will understand how it looks.

burnout syndrome

“What is burnout syndrome? How can we reduce the effects of this syndrome by increasing our emotional resilience?” We will try to find answers to your questions.

How should the modern city man be fed?

Specialist Dietitian İpek Ağaca gave nutritional advice to modern urban men in order to be in the ideal weight range in their busy business life and to have a healthy diet.

How to make an egg diet? Potential side effects of the egg diet

It is possible to lose weight or have a balanced body by eating an egg diet. This may vary depending on the person’s current weight, metabolic rate and different factors. You can find details about the calories and protein values ​​of boiled eggs in our news. So, how is the egg diet made, what are the benefits?