GPT-5 Might Be Indistinguishable From Human

Exciting and frightening information has begun to emerge about GPT-5, which will be OpenAI’s next language model. It was claimed that the new model could have abilities indistinguishable from humans by reaching the level of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Midjourney Free Trials Discontinued

Free trials of Midjourney, the artificial intelligence tool that creates images from text, have been discontinued due to high demand and abuse. The move comes after fake images such as the “pope in a puffy coat” and “arrested Donald Trump” went viral on social media recently.

ChatGPT Saved A Dog’s Life

A man who took his dog to the vet decided to seek help from GPT-4 when his furry friend couldn’t be diagnosed. According to the claim of a man named Cooper, the disease that the veterinarian could not detect was pinpointed by GPT-4.