Separation is worthy of hasty love!

There is something wrong with our love. We always fall in love with the wrong person. Or we start our relationship before we know the person in front of us fully. Then we realize that he is the wrong person for us. The end is frustration as you know..

First of all, we can’t blame ourselves for being with the wrong people, even though we’ve described them as ‘wrong choices’. Because, instead of being in a happy relationship, who would want to be in the lead roles of love stories with unhappy endings? This is entirely linked to not being able to learn from romantic experiences. In other words, we encounter this not willingly, but involuntarily. We give chances to the people we define as our type or to the possibilities that pass the wall we have built with certain criteria, and then we meet again with disappointment.

People who say that they constantly have wrong relationships are usually those who start a relationship without knowing the other person in a hurry. When it comes together without knowing it fully, one more item is added to the list of mistakes. In this situation, we can say that separation befits hasty love.

We can’t get together with someone just because they’re handsome or pretty. Even though we live in a world of images, we must put this aside. We need to go back to our inner world and discover what actually makes us happy. In this way, we will not be content with less and increase our probability of choosing the right candidate instead of the closest candidate. We also certainly agree that past experiences play a big role in our lives. However, we cannot look to the future with confidence in their light. After taking the lessons we need to learn, we need to know how to leave them behind. Finally, let’s agree not to make hasty choices. Now that the criteria and filters are gone, we can start all over again. It’s time to say goodbye to the bad reputation we have in our close circle with our wrong choices… Now we are on the first page of a romantic story with a happy ending. It’s free to fall in love until you see the sentence ‘They lived happily ever after…’! Please, let’s make sure early on if this is the right person this time…