Popular relationship terms of 2022 you need to know

Like Ghosting, a day goes by that new dating terms are not added to our income. Rather than describing your long-term relationship experiences, popular terms are now preferred. 6 relationship terms you need to know.

slow fade

You know relationships or flirtations that are slowly slipping out of your hands. One does not walk away at once, no conversation is made; With calm and sure steps, the ground is prepared for separation. This situation is called slow fade. This stage, where communication gradually decreases and the dose of calls and messages decreases, is defined as slow fade. Slow fade is a frequently preferred method, especially for people who avoid breakup talks and are afraid of breaking their hearts.


In fact, this term has been in our lives for the last two years, that is, since the coronavirus pandemic. However, with the increase in vaccinations and doses, it is becoming an important dating term in 2022, as the rate of those who return to dates safely increases. Coronesty is born from the combination of the words corona and honesty. In other words, we can explain it as the expectation of honesty in the days of corona.

As you know, the pandemic process has taught everyone how important time, relationships and happiness are, and that we should not waste time for anything. At this point, coronesty also means clearly stating the purposes in a relationship with someone. In other words, the concept of coronesty is very important in meetings where questions such as “Will the date be a one-night stand, will it turn into a pleasant flirtation, or is there a search for a regular relationship” are clearly answered by the parties and thus expectations are met? You have no time to lose!


Hey! Yes, we all know this beginning very well. If you have tried online dating applications, you must have felt that the “hey” call has a spirit that is easy and partially blocking the conversation. Because hey can only be answered as hey, right? Here the hey-ter pattern simply means that a conversation that begins with “hey” is hated and ignored, that is, no response.

hard balling

Here our term is inspired by hardcore gamers. Taking football as an example, a hardcore gunner is goal-oriented, not afraid of fouls and injuries; It is score oriented only. In dating, the state of knowing what you want and going after it without fear is called hard-balling. By ignoring the red flags in the relationship, only the purpose is focused.


There are some words that we know and use in our language with the negative meaning of the prefix “a-” in English. Just as used to describe people who do not feel sexual attraction. asexual like. This word, which we can easily integrate into our language as “aromantic”, is used for people who are far from romance, as you can understand. People who are far from emotional and romantic approaches in bilateral relations and cannot feel these are defined as aromantic.


Roaching is a term inspired by cockroaches. When you see a cockroach in your house, you probably know that there are more cockroaches lurking somewhere, right? Also, as a flirting term, roaching corresponds to the fact that a person you hang out with is in a relationship with more than one person at the same time and hides this from you. It’s not considered roaching for partners to mutually agree that they have an open relationship, because in such a scenario there is no lie and no concealment. When it comes to hiding this situation, roaching happens.