Pope Image Created with Artificial Intelligence Confuses

The image of the Pope with the puffy coat created with Midjourney attracted attention as it was thought to be real by many people. The details of the photo, which shows how realistic artificial intelligence models can be, fascinate those who see it.

When visual artificial intelligence models first emerged, they provided unrealistic but fun visuals. But Midjourney 5 and Adobe Firefly We have witnessed the evolution of visual artificial intelligence in the true sense of the word. With new advanced models, you can create images that are indistinguishable from the real thing with just a few words.

It has taken Twitter and all other social media by storm for about 3 days. Pope in the puffy coat ” image is one of them. The feature of this image created by Midjourney 5 is that almost every detail looks extremely realistic.

Soon we may not be able to distinguish AI-generated images from real photos.

It is quite normal that you did not realize at first glance that this image, in which we see Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, in a classy puffer jacket, was made by artificial intelligence. When you look in detail at the photo that you can easily come across on social media, the shading, background and you may even notice that even fine details look extremely realistic. . Even the light and lens distortion on the belt of the jacket was considered, this photo managed to go viral on the internet in a short time.

On Midjourney’s Reddit forum trippy_art_special This image shared by the user, shows us that artificial intelligence can be frighteningly real. Likewise, many people who share the photo assuming it is real that they had difficulty believing that it was produced by an artificial intelligence.and states that they find it frightening.

Popularized with Midjourney 5 and ” Hyper RealismThanks to this trend called ” (Hyperrealism), you can use simple commands to edit even unreal things like a real photo frame.

The scary part is that successful AIs like Midjourney, ChatGPT and Adobe Firefly are still very open to development. This is us indistinguishable from the realsignals that we may encounter photographs produced by artificial intelligence.

many people He stated that he could no longer trust the photos he saw on the internet.It is a matter of curiosity how realistic visual artificial intelligence will be at the next level.

Some hyper real images made with Midjourney 5