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Nutritious winter drink: Pumpkin soup with lentils

You can protect the health of yourself and your loved ones by making pumpkin, which is one of the abundant vegetables of the winter months, even more nutritious. This soup, which will help warm you up especially in harsh weather, will strengthen your immunity.

lamb shank stew recipe

Since some dishes are costly, we may be a little more hesitant while cooking. But we would like to serve nice meals on special occasions or days. In such cases, you will be happy with this delicious lamb shank recipe that will come to your rescue and make your guests feel special.

Hazelnut cream supangle recipe

For more energy in winter days, we turn to sweets more. It is not known whether it is because of the feature of raising our body temperature or because we love it, but especially chocolate desserts attract our attention more.

Homemade Sausage Meatballs recipe

Sucuk, which is indispensable for breakfast and barbecue pleasure, has never been so delicious. If you are worried about the content of the sausages sold in the market, but you cannot compromise on this taste, this recipe we have prepared for you is just for you!

Crunchy flavor with tea: Peanut butter cookies

How about using peanut butter, which cracks the palate with its harmony with toast and honey, in a delicious cookie recipe for breakfast? Thanks to the healthy natural oils and protein it contains, peanut butter, which stores energy for your body, is in this form…

Healthy raw recipe with peanuts

Refined sugar-free products have become very popular lately. Various brands have made these healthy products very easy to access. However, you may want to prepare your own little snack raw balls at home.

Cure for constipation: Leek salad

Leek, which is one of the important foods of the Mediterranean cuisine, is an extremely beneficial food especially for our kidneys and digestive system. For example; Leek salad is the perfect solution for those suffering from severe constipation. Cabbage…

2 honey dessert recipes special for Ramadan tables

Ramadan, the month of blessings, is a month where everyone comes together at the same table and we understand the value of sharing much better. Adding a new interpretation to pudding, which is one of the most popular flavors of Ramadan, date and honey pudding is appreciated by those who try it. Heavenly dates,…

Non-fat celery burger recipe

Hamburger is one of the ready-to-eat foods that everyone loves to consume. Although it is a widely consumed food, it is not a healthy food at all. Excessive consumption of hamburger can cause many health problems. For this reason, especially adults…