Outfits to never wear on a first date

The first impression on a first date is very important. That’s why your speech is one of the secret secrets of influencing the person in front of you in the combination you make as much as your attitude. According to the research, if 38% of people wore bad clothes on the first date, the second date unfortunately did not happen.

The style experts behind the latest study at Thread asked attendees to name some of the worst things to wear on a first date. The answers given are quite surprising. Here is that outfit you should never go on a first date with…

Never wear sweatpants on a first date

In fact, the popularity of casual wear has increased recently. You can be very stylish by combining a shabby tracksuit with even sneakers or boots, but never forget that it is the worst thing to wear for a first date.

Slippers never

Right after that, the piece that followed the tracksuit was plastic slippers. With the warming of the weather, it will be possible to see slippers on everyone’s feet, but it is a very wrong choice for a first date. According to research, 31% said it was a part to avoid on a first date.

Clear plastic shoes took the third place with 27%, while biker shorts and overalls were among the top 10 garments in boots with fur inside and nubuck outside.

The study also found that when asking men and women what bothers you, 24% of men said nothing special, while 18% of women said they were more bothered.

If you’re not sure how to dress on a first date, stylist Millie Rich shared some top tips for getting it right:

  • Make sure your outfit says something about who you are. “Whether you realize it or not, the various decisions you make in dressing can give little clues about your personality,” Millie says.
  • Also, make sure you dress the way you normally dress – don’t try to look like a different person to impress someone.
  • Use the appointment schedule as your main source of information for what you wear. If it’s just a coffee meeting, you can combine light and comfortable clothes with a stylish combination. But if it’s a dinner date, you can choose an elaborate but not too flashy mini dress or a casual suit.
  • Regardless of how it started, you may never know where a date might take us. So try to choose a suitable outfit for every occasion.
  • Don’t choose the highest heels or uncomfortable but good looking pants to impress the other person. Because these will only cause difficulties when you need to relax. Instead, consider combining comfort and style.
  • Something like a light dress and clean, white sneakers are great choices for flirting in spring.