Natural alternative to shaving foam for men!

‘Hatice Teyze Natural Products’, which is famous for the natural products obtained from the olive trees that Milas has owned since ancient times, explained the benefits of olive oil laurel soap.

This holy product, which was the youth elixir of the nobles in history, is also needed externally for your body.

Man is such a miraculous creature… That’s why we should treat our body well and take good care of it. The soul should not be forgotten either.

After a tiring work day, is there anything like a bath with a soap made with a relaxing, calming ingredient in mind?

Our suggestion from Hatice Teyze is one of the natural soap varieties produced with pure olive oil, prepared with your skin and soul in mind. Laurel Soap:

In history, the laurel tree is considered a symbol of immortality. Its leaves remain evergreen and are fragrant. Laurel oil, called garli, is obtained from the fruits of the laurel tree, and by mixing it with extra virgin olive oil, laurel soap is obtained. No additives are used in laurel soap, which is immediately absorbed by the skin and has antiseptic properties.

It opens the pores in the skin and relaxes it. It protects against dandruff and prevents hair loss. Thanks to its antiseptic nature, it is good for many skin diseases, eczema and fungus. It relieves rheumatic pains and relieves varicose veins.

It is a very valuable soap that cleans the skin deeply since it has natural peeling feature.
It is mostly used in skin care and drug making.

Recommendation :

– When using for hair, it is foamed well on the hair and spread over the whole hair. It is fed into the hair with fingertips or a good brush. After 20-30 seconds, rinse with warm water.

– For skin use, it is thoroughly applied to the skin after foaming well in the hand. After 20-30 seconds, rinse with warm water.

– It is very effective in the fight against dry skin and acne.

– We recommend it to be used instead of shaving foam, especially for men.

It has no known side effects. You will notice positive changes with regular use.