Men’s favorite accessory right now: Beards!

With the influence of the handsome characters in the series, mustache and beard have become very popular among men. So what should men do for a beautiful look with beard and mustache?

The beards and mustaches of the male protagonists of the TV series, which broke the record for viewing on TV, became fashionable among young people who did not respect this look until now. The beard and mustache, which is defined as the richest accessory that men can make for themselves; With the influence of its role models, it has become a favorite of university students. As such, those with sparse beards and mustaches went to the doctors to make them thicker and cover the bald areas.

providing information on the subject Dermatology Specialist from M-Onep Clinics. Monopoly of Life ; He made suggestions for those who want to grow a beard and mustache for the first time, those who want to eliminate sparseness and those who want to have a well-groomed beard and mustache.

They will grow a beard and mustache for the first time:First, they should relax the skin by doing a granular peeling and skin care.

For maintenance: Skin care should be taken very seriously. The face should be washed daily with a washing gel. If the face itches when the beard is growing; They can relax the skin with tonics containing salicylic acid.

To strengthen: Regular use of topical products containing prostaglandin and minoxidil is very effective. Zinc and iron are excellent for strengthening hair on the body. Red meat and green salad are the most useful foods in this regard. Argan oil is beneficial in the care of beard and mustache due to its high antioxidants and vitamin e content. If premature whitening is observed in the beard and mustache, massaging with black seed oil will help you regain your old dark color in the beard and mustache.

Beard and mustache transplantation: The hair loss problem called “Alopecia areata” is a hair loss that can occur at any age and occurs due to a self-inflicted war. Again, acne, long-term eczema, traumatic shaving, cortisone-containing drug use, chemotherapy, radiotherapy also cause hair, beard and mustache shedding and deformities. If there are bald areas, beard and mustache can be planted in these areas with the hairs obtained from the throat area or hair, with the FUE method.

To shape: There are those who are afraid of growing a beard and mustache because of unwanted hair in the cheek and throat area. With laser epilation to be applied to these areas, it is possible to grow a beard comfortably by getting rid of only unwanted hair on the face. Tel: (0212) 352 32 33