Mask Definition for Under-Eye Bruises

There are many natural and chemical methods that can be used for the removal of under-eye bruises. In addition to the many people who advance the treatment process with the use of under-eye bruises cream, the number of people who prefer herbal treatment methods for bruises under detention is also quite high. The bruises of detention, which occur due to the negativities in daily life or various disorders in the body, adversely affect the external appearance of people. People who want to get rid of this appearance and have a healthy and flawless skin should use methods to prevent bruises under detention.

Dark circles under the eyes occur why?

The causes of detention bruises can be listed as follows:

lack of vitamins
Liver and kidney diseases
Alcohol use
Unhealthy eating
Irregular sleep
sleep late
Mask Recipe for Under Eye Darkness

A lemon-almond mask can be applied for under-eye bruises. As a result of the application of this mask, the bruises that occur in the custody can be eliminated. The preparation and application of the mask, which will ensure the disappearance of bruises under detention, is as follows:

1 teaspoon of almond oil mixed with half a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice,
The prepared mixture is applied to the detentions,
After waiting for 10 minutes, the eyes are gently washed with warm water,
This recipe should be applied every day.
Lemon juice should be used as little as possible to avoid any irritation. The mask should be used regularly for positive results.