Lies that men often tell in a relationship

There aren’t many people who don’t lie. However, according to research, men are more likely to lie or deny it than women. Men often lie for their ego or an escape plan. Here are 10 classic lies of men…

It is stated that men resort to lying more often than women. Some lies are small, while others lead to irreversible paths. Men often resort to lying because they are afraid of women in a relationship. So what lies do men tell the most? Here are 10 lies men often tell women.

“You’re making unnecessary jealousy, he’s my best friend”

There will be a girl in his life with the concept of ‘best friend’, but she will not be his best friend… If many girls on his social media are called close friends, you may be suspicious about this.

“Come to us, we will watch a movie”

One of the easiest lies told by a man who wants to make a program at home is ‘we watch a movie’. In fact, every woman knows that watching movies is an excuse. Of course, watching movies is among your options, but the main purpose is not to watch movies.

“You’re thinking about it, girl”

If you are trying to ask about something that you doubt, most likely you are using the denial tactic in the first place and will say you are my daughter. Especially if you don’t have any official proof, then he will go into denial mode and claim that he is the most innocent person in the world.

“I was going to buy you a present, but believe me, I didn’t have time”

If he forgets your special days and does not buy special gifts for these special days, or if he has not received a flower or a gift to show that he is thinking of you, then it means that he is coming with a beautiful lie.

“I didn’t see you calling or texting”

My battery ran out or my phone didn’t ring is another lie that is often used. Everyone has certain areas so it’s perfectly normal for them to want to be alone or not answer the phone, but if it’s getting more frequent and they’re always late to your messages, there’s a problem.

“It’s not you, it’s me”

It is one of the most classic lies… In fact, it is one of the lies that are told to ease the separation phase a little bit so that the person in front of you says ‘he already has the problem’ and leaves it easily. The problem here is exactly with men, but according to them, this lie is a complete cover-up.